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Mr. Yasunao Matsuda &
Mr. Harry Strygler

Mr. Yasu Matsuda in New York

JICA traning program

Mr. Akiyoshi Takeuchi who is uncle of Mr. Yasu Matsuda (president of KOBE PRECIOUS PEARL & Co., Ltd.) started pearl export business since 1949.
Mr. Takeuchi had pearl farm in Fukui area.
Our company have good relationship with pearl farms for long time.

Mr. Yasunao Matsuda who is father of Mr. Yasu Matsuda estabulished MATSUDA PEARL CO. LTD. as manufacturers of cultured pearls.

Mr. Yasu Matsuda, was New York from 1987 to 1991 to working for pearl importer. He learned business English, western culture and pearl market in over sea.

Mr. Yasu Matsuda established KOBE PRECIOUS PEARL & Co., Ltd. as manufacturers and exporters of cultured pearls in 1992

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