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We supply best pearls for your requirements.

We supply Japanese AKOYA pearls.
We are specialized Japanese AKOYA pearls and promote this beautiful color, luster, quality for all over the world. We make customers satisfaction by Japanese Akoya pearls.

We have experience for export.
We have been exporting Japanese Akoya cultured peals since 1949. Also Mr. Matsuda, president was New York for 5 years to working for pearl importer, so we have experience of over sea market and still receive current information form our customers.

We have experience for pearls.
We have been located "Pearl City Kobe" for long time. Also our relative company had pearl farm before and we have been processing pearls. So we know about quality of pearls.

We have experience for English.
We listen carefully about customers requirements. Each customers has own taste and type of goods. We try to supply the pearls which customer expected by correspondent.

A Management Ideology

1. We create a dream and beauty, and aims at providing high satisfaction for the customers in the world of the quality.

2. We have a feeling of gratitude to the environment that it can always work, the nature, the health, and perseverance grapples with the work well.

3. We keep trying it to being new always to develop into the customer's bigger satisfaction and the company where has a function more.

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